Zayn Malik Opened Up About His “Drug Habit” In An Interview


Zayn was always destined to be the “bad boy” of One Direction, and he’s just gone and proved us all right by admitting he smokes a “couple of joints” every now and again.

Wild, right.

Yes ex-directioner Zayn has left his pop prince persona firmly behind; leaving long-term girlfriend Perrie Edwards for model Gigi Hadid, releasing a song that was definitely about banging and now smoking at least “four impeccably rolled little mind bombs” in an interview with NME.

Alright Zayn, we get it, you’re cool now. Talking to the magazine, he said:

“Ive probably been smoking for a while. I dont wanna say when I started because I dont want to influence anyone else. Thats just something I do myself.

It helps sometimes with the creative process, if youre smoking a good weed.Dont panic, its organic.”

Now that is a catchphrase I can see umm, catching on.

He’s also released his much-awaited new album “Mind of Mine” today…

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