Young Girls Dog Sees A Diabetic Scare From Miles Away


Constantly checking blood sugar levels and being aware of what foods you are consuming are part of a regular routine when you have diabetes. It can be difficult to manage for adults, so you can imagine current challenges when it comes to diabetic children.

They cant genuinely understand whats going on with them and mothers are needed to be vigilant in medical visits and blood sugar monitoring.

Here we have Sadie who is a type 1 diabetic. She is 4-years-old. While her mothers understand current challenges they face, they want to go the extra step to ensure that their “daughter i m talking about” never runs below what is normal as far as her levels run. Getting too low entails hazard for Sadie. So the government had enlisted Hero. Hes a diabetic alert dog that seems after little Sadie, as well as offer her with a lot of affection. Sadie loves Hero.

Hero is an astounding dog as you are about to learn. It was December of 2015. Hero was home, while Sadie was 5 miles away at her special needs school. Suddenly Hero begins acting up.

Sadies mother explains how Hero normally is, and what he suddenly turned into 😛 TAGEND

Hes normally a very quiet dog. Whining is not in his protocol. But he just started squeaking and he would not stop.

Mom ended up calling Sadies school. She asked if they could check her blood sugar level. They did and discovered she had reached a dangerously low level. Hero indeed saved the day!

Heres what Sadies father had to say about the whole incident.

Thats why were thankful to have Hero, hes the one who saves her more days than not.

Truly amazing tale and unbelievable how animals have an intuitive ability that is saving the lives of humans!

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