You shouldn’t have to choose between your job and your life.


According to one recent analyse, 41% of Americans don’t plan to take all their vacation days. According to another, the average employee fails to use 3.2 of their paid days off per year.

And that’s if you’re luck enough to have paid vacation days in the first place. American workers happen to be the only ones in 21 advanced economies that don’t have a legal right to paid vacation time . That’s more than kind of ridiculous!

So if you are among the few proud souls who can take time off without getting fired…


Get up. Right now. Step away from your computer. Walk out that door. It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? Now get in a cab and head to the airport. Go somewhere. I hear the Bahamas are lovely this time of year.

OK, that might actually get you fired. You … might want to email your boss first.

But seriously. Take those vacation days! Life is short, and “youve never” know when you’ll have another chance.

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