You Can Now Have Sex With Your Ipad


This generation spends far too much times on their phones and iPads blah blah blah. You know how it goes, its one of the constant criticisms people seem to throw at us. Well, those critics arent going to like this nifty invention. We can now actually f*ck our iPads.

Fleshlight have invented the Fleshlight Launchpad. Becausewell, because there is probably a demand for it somewhere.

It allows users to plug the vagina-like toy into the back of the iPad and fully immerse themselves.A Netflix and chill joke probably belongs somewhere around here.

20, thats what it will set you back. They are trying to sell it as something you can use whilst chatting to your girlfriend on Skype or Facetime but we all know who the real target market is.

GTA V actually parodied this before it was even invented.


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