You Can Now Buy ‘Jellyfish Art’ For Your Desk, With Real Live Jellyfish


Have you ever looked at your fish tank or lava lamp and thought, you know what… This just isn’t doing it for me any more. I must buy a cylindrical tank and fill it with live jellyfish!

No? Us neither.

But should it occur to you, this is now an option. CompanyJellyfishArthave had a very successful Kickstarter campaign for the tanks, that even include colour-changing LED’s so that the jellyfish tank turns into a kind of eerie lavalamp-esque thing.

You pay $250, the tank gets delivered and you have to set it up as per their handy-dandy ‘set up’ video. You then ‘redeem’ your live jellyfish, and they are posted to you. You add them to your tank, and voila!

A piece of ‘art’ that you have to remember to feed twice a day. Fun.

Did we forget to mention that Vanilla Ice happens to be a fan?

Yeah. He is.

If your jellyfish dies before the 30-day guarantee is up, they will replace them for you for free. After that, each one is going to cost you $22.

If you’re a UK resident who now finds themselves hankering after some live jellyfish for your bedside table, you would have to order the tank from America and then source your own jellyfish. Apparently, Jellyfish Art draw the line at trying to ship their live jellyfish across the pond. We all have our limits, eh?

Admittedly, something about the practice seems a little odd. But I, and many others, had several goldfish as a child (RIP Goldy and Tim), and have never found myself having any moral issues with that. Where do we draw the line?

One internet-user said:

“oh my god please DO NOT EVER BUY THIS. Your Jellyfish will be SO MISERABLE AND UNHAPPY AND DIE I PROMISE YOU! Moon Jellyfish grow to be 30cm in diameter. Jellyfish are VERY hard pets to keep and they need VERY specific tempuratures/waterflow/etc. Jellyfish need AT THE VERY LEAST a 40 Gallon round tank”

Another said,

“They’re not animals, they’re invertebrates with no brain, central nervous system, or feelings whatsoever. How can you be cruel to that which has no feeling and dies off or blooms on its own in the wild en-mass on a regular basis?”

What do you think? Do you want one in your home? Let us know in the comments.

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