Yes, there are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sex dolls


The Internet is catching up to news of an inflatable Donald Trump sex doll, an item that is perhaps the only thing more horrifying than the sexy Trump Halloween costume that reared its evil head in September.

Syrian pop artist Saint Hoax was inspired to create the doll after Trump stated he would turn away Syrian refugees if elected. The doll isn’t just an effort to humiliate the Republican presidential candidate: Proceeds from its sale go to the UN Refugee Agency, which uses donation funds to buy thermal blankets and emergency kits for people fleeing countries at war.

In an interview with the Huffington Poston Monday, Saint Hoax said that each $39 shipment comes with a Trump doll and a needle so that vengeful buyers can pop him.

“I’m hoping to raise enough money to show people how a blow-up Donald is actually more useful than the actual Trump,” Saint Hoax told the Huffington Post.

But why limit yourself? If you’ve got a deep desire to rub your privates all over a sharp-seamed inflatable plastic presidential candidate, or pop one with a needle, Trump is hardly the only option. There are also Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama love dolls.

The ‘Horny Hillary’ doll has been around since the 2008 campaign but has a new significance now that Clinton appears poised to win the Democratic nomination for 2016. According to manufacturer Pipedream Products, this version of Hill “can’t wait to share her Oval Orifice with you.”

The 2008 election provided more fantasy fodder than the current cycle, it seemsthat year, inflatable love dolls were also made with the likenesses of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. Pipedream’s selling point for the “Blow-up Barack” doll is a promise it will “batter your Bush.” So 2008.

Inflatable candidates aren’t a trend limited to the U.S., either. In April, the U.K. sex toy retailer Bondara created a line of love dolls for this year’s election roster. Prime Minister David Cameron became “Conservative Cumeron,” while the Labour Party’s Ed Miliband was transformed into “Gimme Head Ed.”

Sadly, the vast majority of U.S. presidential candidates competing for the 2016 seat do not have love dolls designed to look like them. There’s no evidence yet of a plasticine, fuckable Ted Cruz or a blow-up DILF doll of Twitter fave Martin O’Malley.

The closest thing Bernie Sanders has to his own line of sex toys is this cute, cuddly, stuffed Lil’ Bernie doll made by a Massachusetts seamstress. While the Lil’ Bernie doll creator has been overwhelmed with orders for the hand-sewn Democratic Socialist, it would be a stretch to say the doll is on the sexy side.

Whether your fetish is cuddling, needle torture, or just good old-fashioned plastic poking, there’s a presidential doll for you. But seriously, if anyone is looking for a million-dollar business venturethat Mike Fuckabee love doll is just waitingto happen.

Photo via MJM Photographie/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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