WTF Is Going On In America RN? Told (Mostly) By The Real Housewives


Its been a pretty crazy week. Its hard to believe on Monday we were all blacking out to celebrate our freedom, but by now the party is totally over and honestly everything sucks.

Everything went south early Tuesday morning, when 37-year-old Alton Sterling was shot and killed by two police officers in Baton Rouge, La. Sterling was selling CDs (guess people still buy those) outside of a convenience store. Apparently he had a gun, but he wasnt even holding it or reaching for it when he got shot.

This incident is still being investigated, but the two police officers have been put on administrative leave, which means theyre still getting paid.

This incident caused protests in Baton Rouge and around the country, but that was only the beginning. On Wednesday, Philando Castile and his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds were pulled over in St. Paul, Minn. because their taillight was out. Castile did the smart thing and told the cop he had a gun he was permitted to carry, and the cop was like,PSYCH. The next thing anyone knew, the cop shot Castile. Reynolds’ 4-year-old daughter was in the back seat, btw. Castile died right after getting to the hospital.

Its p. unclear exactly what happened, especially because the police video seems to have gone missing (v. shady), but the Governor of Minnesota straight-up said that Castile would still be alive if he was white.

By this point, it seemed like there had been enough violence for one week. But on Thursday at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Micah Johnson opened fire and shot 12 police officers, killing five and injuring the others.

While many may take issue with the role of the police in this country, no sane person wants 12 officers gunned down at what is supposed to be a peaceful protest. Or like, in general.

This is all anyone is talking about on social media, except our favorite thirst trap Kim Kardashian West. Kimmy is in some hot water for posting scantily clad selfies(wtf else is new?) while everyone else was tweeting about more important things. Shes since tweeted about all the chaos.

So basically, everything is a mess right now, and something needs to change. Well leave that to people more qualified than us, so start thinking long and hard about who you’re going to vote for in November, and everyone stay safe this weekend.

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