Women Are Saying This Popular Hair Product Is Making Them Go Bald


Wen – a hair care product famed for its use of natural ingredients – prides itself on its ability to “take the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner”.

It costs almost 30 a bottle, but has become a cult favourite for people who favour an organic, holistic lifestyle.

Now, we’re bet they’re wishing they had stuck with the chemicals. At least 200 women have experienced hair loss as a result of using Wen, and are suing the company.

One woman posted this on their Facebook:

“I can’t leave my house I’m depressed wen hair products is responsible for my hair loss I have been shampooing and conditioning my hair with their non-shampooing conditioner which blocked my pores and caused my hair to be basically washed with lotion here’s pictures I need help I don’t know who to turn to what lawyers are helping I’m overwhelmed and frustrated I cry when I look in the mirror I wear a baseball cap when I go outside this is a warning to everybody in the world don’t use wen hair solution …WHEN, WEN I HAD HAIR.”

And more and more photos are surfacing:

Wenstrongly deny that their product causes hair loss, claiming that there is no scientific evidence to support these people’s claims:

“There are many reasons why individuals may lose their hair, all unrelated to Wen hair care products.”

At 30 quid a bottle, it’s probably not worth the risk…

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