Woman Ripped Off Her Husbands Testicles After He ‘Refused To Do The Housework’


Not only did this poor man refuse to help around the house, he also forgot to buy flowers for his woman on International Women’s Day. As bad as these crimes are in the husbandry books – we’re not sure he deserved to be castrated.

Ionel Popa, 39, from the village of Dragomiresti in Romania, was rushed to the emergency room with his scrotum torn open after his wife had grabbed his testiclesgave them a very serious yank. And not in, you know, a nice way.

She remained unrepentant afterwards, sayinghe deserved what happened to him.

Paramedic Aurora Popa said: The man had a severe open wound on his scrotum. He told us his wife had attacked him because he did not give her flowers for International Womans Day.

The mans left testicle was hanging out of his scrotum after the skin was ripped apart, and he had to undergo emergency surgery to repair the damage.

Keen to give her side of the story, hiswife Marinela Benea, said:

Ionel had been given a bottle of wine for a days work instead of getting paid, and had arrived home drunk. When he gets drunk, he changes. All night he made me keep the fire on because he was cold and I did it to avoid having an argument.

In the morning I opened the curtains and told him to go out and do some work, or at least to help with the household chores but he shouted that Im not entitled to give him orders.

I told him he was not any kind of man and I grabbed his balls. It was not my fault that he pulled away, and thats when it happened. I thought maybe that some ice would solve the problem, but he insisted on calling an ambulance. He was pretty annoyed.’

The couple have been together for fifteen years, and have a fifteen year old son (what a coincidence…)

Ionel remains in hospital recovering from his wounds in a stable condition whilst police investigate the attack.

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