Woman Killed In Gender Reveal Party Explosion – Perez Hilton


What should have been a cheerful moment for friends and family of two soon-to-be parents turned into a needless tragedy on Saturday afternoon.

It all started when the Marion County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a rural Knoxville, Iowa residence about a serious injury.

When authorities arrived, according to a press release, what they found was a gender reveal party gone horribly wrong.

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Photos: Momma Penguin Gender Reveal Party

For those who somehow haven’t been to one of these yet — or seen one on Instagram or YouTube — gender reveal parties take the moment of learning a soon-to-be-born baby’s sex and turn it from an intimate moment between parents into a huge, dramatic spectacle.

They use everything from balloons to piñatas to colored smoke (like the unrelated screengrabs above) to give parents and any gathered partygoers the info in the grandest fashion possible.

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