While You Were Offline: How Many Trump Tapes Does Omarosa Have Exactly?


Bad news for those hoping to see President Trump‘s planned military parade this November: It’s postponed, perhaps because it was apparently going to cost more than $ 80 million more than originally estimated. And that was just one of a couple setbacks last week for Trump, who also got dinged by a federal judge who ruled the administration screwed up the wording on its controversial NDA forms.( The chairwoman also picked a fight with veterans over what took place in Apocalypse Now .) Also, the defense rested in the trial of former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort last week without calling any witness, so the jury is expected to return a verdict very soon in that case. There’s no telling how the outcome will affect the president until the verdict is out, but surely the waiting isn’t fun for him. Perhaps he could find some consolation in the FDA’s approval of a cheaper, generic EpiPen or the release of a new Ariana Grande album? We’ll have to wait to see what this upcoming week has in store. In the meantime, there’s all of this.

Let’s Go to the Tape

What Happened: Forget receipts. Omarosa apparently has tapes of her time in the White House. Yes, “tapes.” Plural.

What Really Happened: Omarosa Manigault Newman continued the promo tour for her new book, Unhinged, last week with a strategy that is, shall we say, somewhat unique. It all started when, on last weekend’s Meet the Press, she shared something genuinely unexpected.


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