When You’re A Low-Maintenance Girl And Proud Of It


Youre the girl who starts getting ready fifteen minutes before you have to leave because youre not trying to impress anyone; youre only trying to please yourself. Youre the girl who doesnt spend ten minutes perfecting the messy bun because you basically invented it. Youre the girl who doesnt spend $200 on makeup trying to contour her face because to you it isnt worth the time and money. Youre the girl who is happy the way she is when she rolls out of bed in the morning, not the kind that needs to shower and get dolled up before going to a diner for breakfast on a hangover kind of morning.

Youre the girl who doesnt get all flustered when you get a little stain on yourself from spilling, because accidents happen and if you can’t change it right away then its not worth getting upset over. You dont worry about the perfect lighting and angles for your Instagram pictures. You dont take a hundred selfies to find the perfect one to post. You dont need to have your nails painted perfectly and youre eyebrows always on fleek.

You dont have the menu at Starbucks memorized and you dont know all the secret in and outs of the secret menu that everyone speaks of. If you see it and it sounds good, you order it. You dont need five-star restaurants and fancy dinners (that people normally critique anyway) to keep you satisfied, youre good with eating a burger at the baseball game.

Youre the girl who is happy doing her own thing, her own way without following the latest trends because you dont need glamour to make you happy. You know what you want and what you like and that is all you need.

Shopping doesnt make you giddy with excitement, you arent looking forward to the next big mall weekend with the girls because frankly, they spend way too much time and money analyzing everything about their potentially new outfits. Youre happy with shopping for cool retro clothes at a thrift store and wearing them proudly. Youre happy with the same jeans youve been wearing because they fit and theyre comfortable, so why drop another $50 on a newer pair? Just like seeing women walk around the mall or airport with high heels makes you cringe because there is no way in hell she is comfortable in those four inch heels.

Youre the girl who doesnt understand why your friends stay with their boyfriends if all they do is complain about how unhappy you are, but instead of busting in on the drama you just lend an ear and give out some thought through advice about how they should just break up with him already.

Youre the girl who thinks the simple things in life are the best things in life because to you they are. You dont need real diamonds or pearls to be happy, the ones on the Kohls jewelry rack work just fine.

You dont need designer name brand bags or purses, you just need something that isnt too uncomfortable to carry a few of your personal belongings in.

The simple things bring you joy, they make you happy and thats awesome. Youre down to get dirty in nature because fun is what its all about. You dont need a lot to be happy and spontaneous adventures bring you joy. Youre the girl who actually sings and dances without a care if anyone is watching because others opinions about you doesnt change who you are as a person.

Youve got your head in the right place, along with your heart. Youre going to be just fine in life, my low maintenance sister.

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