What’s inside the Tiffany box? Imagining Melania Trump’s gift to the Obamas


What did the new first lady give to Barack and Michelle Obama shortly before her husband was sworn in as president? Here are some possible options

Melania Trump turned up at the White House on inauguration day clutching a gift for the outgoing president and first lady, that recognizable robin egg blue box with a white ribbon signifying a purchase from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co have a store in the lobby of Manhattans Trump Tower, so its an unsurprising store choice from the Trumps.

She gave the gift to Michelle Obama, who graciously accepted it, before an aide took it away.

jomny sun (@jonnysun)

the only good moment of this inauguration is michelle jim-facing the camera like “why did she give me this box” pic.twitter.com/WoGAWfKS0l

January 20, 2017

But what could be inside the box?

Tiffany said in a statement: The White House has been a patron of the House of Tiffany & Co since Abraham Lincoln, which doesnt answer our question. So here are some possible options from their online store.

U-shaped key ring. Photograph: Tiffany & Co

U-shaped key ring – $3,000

A $3,000 key ring to store the keys for the Obamas new Washington home, in the same neighborhood as favorite Trump daughter Ivanka. Gaudy and cliched (its one of Tiffanys most famous items), making it a likely option.

Vegetable spoon. Photograph: Tiffany & Co

Vegetable spoon $350

A silver spoon, just like the one Trump was born with! Plus, its a vegetable spoon to keep Mobama happy.

Airplane bank. Photograph: Tiffany & Co

Airplane bank $2,500

To help the Obamas save up for their own personal jet, since they have now lost Air Force One. Plus, a $2,500 piggy bank makes about as much logical sense as a man with no government experience becoming president.

Fifth Ave mug. Photograph: Tiffany & Co

Fifth Ave mug $25

So that every morning over coffee, the Obamas can remember where the White House is located now.

Ships clock. Photograph: Tiffany & Co

Ships clock $2,800

A clock in Trumps favorite hue, to help them count down the hours until this is all over.

Playing cards. Photograph: Tiffany & Co

Tiffany playing cards $35

Obama calls himself a pretty good poker player and now hell have lots of time to practice. The black and white cards may have some symbolic value.

Elephant moneybank. Photograph: Tiffany & Co

Elephant moneybank $25

To remind Obama of how much money he had to save after the Republicans left the country penniless last time they were in control.

Pineapple dish. Photograph: Tiffany & Co

Pineapple Dish $350

A pineapple dish as a tribute to Obamas home state Kenya. Canned pineapple is the countrys largest single manufactured export, making this an appropriate gift from the man who led the Birther movement. Hawaii has a lot of pineapples, too, so Trump can tell the media thats what he was alluding to.

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