What your PMS can tell you about your health


OK, let’s start with the obvious: yes, the main thing your PMS is telling you is that your period is on the way. But it’s not the only message encoded in those yucky premenstrual feelings. If you notice your PMS is particularly unpleasant, there may be a deeper message in the symptoms. First, take heart: if you experience difficult PMS, you can take several measures to prevent itor at least prevent it from getting worse. (And you should: women who don’t treat hormonal imbalances like the ones often behind PMS are more likely to experience problems like heart disease and diabetes, according to the BioCycle study. So if you can learn to crack the code of your PMS, you can treat the symptoms and their root causes at the same time.

Of note: PMS isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, according to Sherry Ross, MD, OB/GYN and Women’s Health Expert at Providence Saint Johns Health Center. It can be a normal result of hormonal fluctuations that occur over the course of your cycle. But even perfectly healthy women can reduce the effect PMS by improving their health.

Here’s what the most common issues that crop up before your period might meanand how to rectify them.

Mood swings

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