What Trump gets wrong on immigrants and crime


(CNN)This week Donald Trump painted an ugly picture of our present: In his view, the United States is a mess. Terror lurks around every corner. Those of us who were born elsewhere have been transformed from friends and neighbors who add to this country’s strength to threatening people who should be deported. It’s a wonder any of us gather the strength to leave our houses each day.

From this twisted vision emerges Trump’s policy proposals. They are a reflection of whipped-up fear and are not based in fact.


    His mass deportation proposals would cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars more than we already spend, and the disruption to our communities and economy would be devastating.
    Nearly everyone agrees that the immigration system is dysfunctional. In fact, many agree that aspiring Americans should be allowed to get on a road to citizenship. Yet you wouldn’t know it by listening to Trump.
    His wildly outlandish claims, which have no bearing on the truth or sound public policy, are a stark example of what is at stake this November. Our country is at the precipice of one of the most consequential presidential elections in modern history.
    The American people must look past the rhetoric on both sides of this crucial debate and instead consider what is best for our families, for our economy, and for our future.
    Do we want fear-based policies that drive our communities apart, or should we choose an inclusive society that sees our diversity as our strength? The choice will be ours to make on November 8 — and the whole world is watching.

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