What The Fuck Is Wrong With You, Ivanka Trump?


This Memorial Day, instead of remembering the men and women who have fought for — and died for — America and its ideals and freedoms,

This was a (really fucking stupid) thing her “headquarters” tweeted out late yesterday afternoon:

Uh, what?

How about, like, “memorialize those who have fought and died for our country this #MemorialDay” or something better instead?

Look, we get it, TONS of people spend Memorial Day Weekend grilling outside, or going to the beach, or maybe even making champagne popsicles, and that’s fine — but NO mention about what Memorial Day is actually about?!

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Like, especially when you’re the fucking daughter — and unpaid senior adviser — to the President of the United States?!?!


Twitter was absolutely DRAGGING her for it, too (below):


Come on, Ivanka.

[Image via IPA/WENN.]

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