What Does Your State Google The Most?


As the year ramps up to its objective of seasonfinale, its always interesting to look backthrough the lens ofGoogle’s top searches to assure what issues get our hivemind ticking over the past 12 months. In 2014, it was Robin Williams, Ebola, the FIFA World Cup, Malaysia Airline, and Ice Bucket Challengesthattickled our curiosity and had us typing away inGoogle.

To show the particular quirks of each state, online real estate finder Estatelylooked at data fromGoogle Trendsto find outwhat each state Googled more than any other country over the course of 2015.

The2 016 Presidential nominees, terrorism, space exploration, Syria, gun control, and a huge amount ofcelebrity culture were some of the morecommon overall themes. While maybe not reaching nation-wide intrigue, searches such as what does bae mean? Donald Trump hair, human bun, and Dad bod did make their rightful appearanceshere and there.


Same-sex marriage

Ken Stabler( football player who passed away in 2015)

Ben Carson( presidential nominee)

Laverne Cox( actress)

Barack Obama

“Game of Thrones”( HBO series)

3D printing

2nd Amendment

Jen Welter( pro football player and first female coach-and-four in NFL)

Blood moon prophecy( apocalyptic faiths about the end of the world)

Syrian refugees

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant( terrorist organization)

ISIS( another name for the same terrorist organization above)

“1 9 Kids and Counting”( reality TV show)

Josh Duggar( reality TV show personality)

Kim Kardashian( reality TV personality)

Stephen Curry( pro basketball player)


Water conservation

Love wins

U.S. Housing Bubble

iPhone 6s

“Spy”( 2015 movie)

“Spectre”( 2015 movie)

Ben Affleck nanny

Leah Remini Scientology( actress who left the Church of Scientology in 2015)

Chile earthquake

Mark Zuckerberg( CEO of Facebook)

Volkswagen scandal

Donald Trump hair

Donald Trump racist

Syrian civil war

Water on Mars

Mass shootings

Keystone Pipeline

Speaker of the House

Frank Gifford( pro football player/ broadcaster who passed away in 2015)


Pope Francis

Beau Biden( former Attorney General of Delaware who passed away in 2015)

Kendrick Lamar( rapper)

Nicki Minaj( rapper)


Marco Rubio( presidential nominee)

Concealed weapons permit

Trump net worth

House prices

Blood Moon 2015

Whip dance

Stanky leg dance

Serena Williams

Blake Shelton divorce

Nepal earthquake

Bruce Jenner( previous name of reality TV personality Caitlyn Jenner)

Chrissy Teigen( model)

Apple Watch

“Furious 7″( 2015 movie)

Selfie stick

Radio Shack( filed for Chapter 11 insolvency in 2015)

“Pitch Perfect 2″( 2015 movie)


“The Hunger Game: Mockingjay, Part 2″( 2015 movie)

Gun control


Windows 10( operating system released in 2015)

Super Blood Moon

Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Jared Fogle( former Subway pitchman/ sexuality wrongdoer)

Elizabeth Banks( actress)

“Bachelorette”( reality TV show)

“The Bachelor”( reality TV show)

World Series

Koch Industries

American Pharaoh( Triple Crown-winner)

Dusty Rhodes( pro wrestler who passed away in 2015)

Rand Paul( presidential nominee)

Kim Davis( County Clerk of Rowan County)

Ashley Madison hack( online dating website marketed to people in committed relationships that was hacked and had user names released in 2015)

Blue Bell recall( delicious ice cream)

Amy Schumer( comedian)

New Horizons( space mission)

Trevor Noah( new host of”The Daily Show”)

Benjamin Netanyahu( “Ministers ” of Israel)

Freddie Gray( Baltimore man who died in police custody, triggering protests)

Police brutality

Misty Copeland( ballet dancer)

Nuclear program of Iran

Iran nuclear deal

Moses Malone( basketball player who passed away in 2015)

Loretta Lynch( newly appointed U.S. Attorney General)

Real estate

Edward Snowden( computer programmer, leaker of classified documents)

Ta-Nehisi Coates( writer, journalist, lecturer)

Viola Davis( Emmy Award-winning actress)

Bill Cosby( comedian)

al-Qaeda( terrorist organization)

Don Lemon( CNN TV personality)

Charlie Hebdo( French satirical magazine attacked by terrorists in 2015)

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”( TV show)

Aziz Ansari( performer/ comedian)

Jon Snow( character in “Game of Thrones”)

Opioid addiction and dependence

Republican primary

Eddie Redmayne( Academy Award-winning actor)

Justin Trudeau( newly elected “Ministers ” of Canada)

John Oliver( comedian)

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”( TV show)

“Inside Amy Schumer”( TV show)

Vladimir Putin( President of Russia)

Dad bod

What is transgender?

Marriage equality

Black Lives Matter( activist movement campaigning against violence toward black people)

Scott Weiland( musician who passed away in 2015)

Cecil the Lion( famous lion killed by a Minnesota hunter in Zimbabwe)

“Straight Outta Compton”( 2015 movie)

B.B. King( blues musician who passed away in 2015)

U.S. Supreme Court

Bobbi Kristina Brown( daughter of vocalist Whitney Houston; passed away in 2015)

Booty( there was a lot of talk about booty in 2015)

Megyn Kelly( FOX TV personality)

Common Core State Standards Initiative

Amy Schumer photo

Right to keep and bear arms


Kaley Cuoco( actress)

Floyd Mayweather( pro boxer)

Khlo Kardashian( reality TV personality)

Lamar Odom( pro basketball playerwho overdosed in a Nevada brothel in 2015, married toKhlo Kardashian)

Wes Craven( film director)

Selena Gomez( actress)

Kylie Jenner( reality TV personality)

“San Andreas”( 2015 movie)

Amber Rose( musician/ model/ actress/ fashion designer)

Pitbull( rapper)

The Weeknd( musician)

Britney Spears( musician ),



Paris terrorist attack

Hillary Clinton( presidential nominee)

Donald Trump( presidential nominee)

Carly Fiorina( presidential nominee)

Jeb Bush( presidential nominee)

Ted Cruz( presidential nominee)


FIFA( governing body of international soccer tournaments thats being investigated for bribery/ corruption crimes in 2015)

Hilary Clinton email

Yogi Berra( baseball player/ administrator who passed away in 2015)

Chris Christie( presidential nominee)

Pierre-Paul hand( pro football player Jason Pierre-Paul who blew off part of his hand in a fireworks collision)

Pluto( the dwarf planet)

Ronda Rousey( MMA fighter)

Holly Holm( MMA fighter)

Animas River( site of a massive 2015 spill of water containing toxic heavy metals)

Wiz Khalifa( rapper)


Democratic Socialism

Omar Sharif( performer who passed away in 2015)

Netanyahu Congress( Israeli “Ministers ” who made a speech to Congress in 2015)

Julianne Moore( actress)

“Mr. Robot”( TV show)

Angela Merkel( German Chancellor and Time Person of the Year)

Drake( rapper)

Martin Shkreli( CEO who dramatically raised prescription drug prices)

Gigi Hadid( model)

Bashar al-Assad( President of Syria)


Charlie Sheen HIV( performer announced hes had HIV for four years in 2015)


Jennifer Aniston wedding( actress even married 2015)

American Apparel( clothing company that filed for insolvency in 2015)

Kanye West( rapper)

Rihanna( musician)

Hoverboard scooter

Concealed carry permit

Blake Miranda divorce( country stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced they were divorcing in 2015)

Confederate flag meaning

NFL Draft

Marijuana legalization( a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana was not approved by voters in 2015)

Anna Duggar( spouse of reality TV personality Josh Duggar)

Randy Quaid( performer)

Je suis Charlie( solidarity message for French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo)

Stuart Scott( ESPN sportscaster who passed away in 2015)

Caitlyn Jenner( reality TV personality formerly known as Bruce Jenner)

Patricia Arquette( actress ),

Jordan Spieth( pro golfer who won the U.S. Open and The Masters in 2015)



Hassan Rouhani( President of Iran)

“Tamasha”( 2015 movie)



Nicky Jam( musician)

Shakira( Musician)

Dilma Rousseff( President of Brazil)

Jon Snow dead( character from “Game of Thrones” who died in the Season 5 finale or did he ?)

Pope Francis visit

War on terror

Dick Van Patten( “Eight is Enough” actor who passed away in 2015 ),

“Creed”( 2015 movie)

Carrie Underwood baby

Royal baby

Blake Lively baby

Brian Williams( NBC journalist suspended for telling an overstated story)

Adele( musician)

Taylor Swift( musician)

Justin Bieber( musician)

Charlie Sheen( performer)

Wet Seal( clothing company that filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in 2015)

Ariana Grande( musician)

Tom Brady( pro football player)

Charleston shooting

Trump for President

Nae nae dance

Confederate flag

“Back to the Future”( popular 1985 movie that got a lot of attention because the characters in it travel to the future the year 2015 ).

Ed Sheeran( musician)

Fitbit( a device that measures how many steps you take between your sofa and the refrigerator)

Fred Thompson( former performer and Tennessee Senator who passed away in 2015)

National Rifle Association

James Harden( basketball player)

Bandidos Motorcycle Club( a motorcycle gang that engaged in a massive shootout with the Cossacks motorcycle gang in Waco, Texas in 2015)

Joaqun El Chapo Guzmn( Mexican drug lord)

Hurricane Patricia

Clock boy( 14 -year-old Texas student Ahmed Mohamed who was arrestedafter bringing a homemade clock to school)

Planned Parenthood video

Lion hunting

Miranda Lambert divorce

Jade Helm( a popular conspiracy theory that claims the annual U.S. military training exercise was genuinely a cover for a full-scale invasion of Texas)


Greg Hardy( pro football player)


Man bun( male hair style)

Spotify( digital music service)

Apple TV

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”( 2015 movie)

“Avengers: Age of Ultron”( 2015 movie)

“Jurassic World”( 2015 movie)

“Ant-Man”( 2015 movie)

Planned Parenthood( non-profit organization)

“Sister Wives”( TV show)

Bernie Sanders( presidential nominee)

“The Daily Show”( TV show)

Climate change

87th Academy Awards

Abdel Fattah el-Sis( President of Egypt)

Islamic State( terrorist organization)

Boko Haram( terrorist organization)

Recep Taytip Erdogan( President of Turkey ),

Muhammadu Buhari( President of Nigeria ),

Narendra Modi( “Ministers ” of India)

Leonard Nimoy( performer who played Spock on Star Trek passed away in 2015)

Super Bowl

Amanda Knox( American woman acquitted of slaying in Italy)

Left Shark

“Mad Max: Frenzy Road”( 2015 movie)

Microsoft Surface( tablet)

“Magic Mike XXL”( 2015 movie)

Rep. Paul Ryan( newly elected Speaker of the House)

What does bae mean?

Koch brothers

Political activities of the Koch brothers


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