We Visited Over 50 Countries With Our Van Spending Merely$ 8 A Day( UPDATED)


We are young travel bloggers from Poland who did not have a lot of money but we wanted to see the world. We bought an old van for $600, painted it, took tents and renders of food and simply took off.

In 6 years we visited more than 50 countries and we traveled more than 150.000 km on 5 continents. We never paid for accommodation( we sleep in the van and in tents) and we feed what we cook. Here’s a short story, in pictures.

UPDATE : Since many of you were asks how we manage to travel spending only$ 8 a day, we wanted to explain it a bit further for you. The main cost is the ga- that’s why other people travel with us and share ga expenses. We travel slowly and often stay in one place for a few days, so we save on ga. Also lots of people are ordering a postcard from our journey- they get a postcard from a beautiful place, and we get the money for one liter of fuel.

We do not pay for accommodation because we sleep in the van or in tents- on beaches, cliffs, mountains. Often, strangers invite us to their homes. Poles living abroad often assist us. The food we buy in supermarkets and feed what we cook- we do not pay for restaurants. For example, in Australia we feed kangaroo steaks because it was the cheapest meat.

When the car breaks down- we repair it, beacause during the journey we have learned how to do this. And when we need mechanics assistance, they very often do not take fund from us because they are impressed with our journey and want to help us and become members of our escapade. We have our own electric shower and 150 l water tank on the roof so we don’t pay for showers. Sometimes we just employ rivers or ponds. Between continents we transport the car on the ship. It is very simple.

We sometimes have sponsors- when we have to spend a lot of money on something. For example, transportation of automobile across the ocean to Australia and the US- sponsors paid for it in exchange for their advertising on the van. Logos on a automobile is ad for such companies, which helped us to transport the car through the oceans. Our blog is the most popular travelling blog in Poland- now we work as bloggers and thats how we earn money. And thanks to that we can be still on the road because we just need a laptop and internet to run. We published two volumes about our trips and they devote us some fund. We do photo sessions for companies or doing advertising clips in exotic locatings and companies pay us for it. We sometimes also work as graphic designers and IT specialist( online ).

We are young travel bloggers from Poland who are traveling around the world in an old van

Image credits: Pawel Jagiello

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