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All that racist nonsense Donald Trump is pulling on you is the same thing he was doing to Mexicans in America a few months back

Hey, Muslims: congrats! Youre Americas new Mexicans, and its all gracias to our common enemy, Donald Trump.

Let me explain. Anyone with a brain is rightfully upset by Trumps recent remarks that he wants to ban Muslims from migrating to the United States, never mind that he has extensive business dealings in Muslim countries or that hes also hypocritically professed to love Muslims. Republican presidential candidates are jumping over one another to decry Trumps remarks even as they say theres some truth to Trumps heresies.

Meanwhile, a big part of America hoots and calls in approval and awaits the next horrid pronouncement.( Here go the internment camp ).

Thanks to all this, Muslims are now public enemy nAomero uno . Welcome to being a Mexican in the United States.

Trump on Muslim ban: Im the least bigoted person youve ever satisfied

Forgive us for feeling a little bit of dA( c) jA vu. After all, he pulled this same type of mierda earlier this year. Remember? That whole thing about Mexicans being rapists and crooks and medication smugglers? Followed by him proclaiming to love Mexico and the revelation that his coat line is induced there?

Republican nominees condemned Trumps anti-Mexican babbling at the time, but then adapted his ideas as their own even as Trump leveled up with even more outlandish proposals, like deporting 11 million undocumented people( read: wetbacks) or building a massive perimeter wall. And a big part of America agrees thatit is a good notion.

Its a natural nadir of race relations in this country that America has finally placed yall as high as “were just” the totem pole of who to dislike. After all, we represent the two biggest nightmares of an American subconsciou that still acts like it only landed in Plymouth Rock: race-mixing for us, a non-Christian background for ustedes .

Dont feel lonely as the dislike escalates in the coming year. We Mexicans are here for the ummah . After all, the guidebook Americans will follow to properly loathe Muslims was written long ago to use on us.

The stereotypes hurled against Muslims bloodthirsty, invaders, misogynistic, clannish, swarthy, wanting white women, secretive and bent on destroying America have been developed and deployed against Mexicans for the past 175 years in this country, in publish, politics and media.

And the government overreach youve had to deal with since the days since 9/11 and will have to undergo even more now is like looking at a high school yearbook for us. Getting pulled aside by TSA? The migra has done that to us at border crossings from San Ysidro, California to McAllen, Texas since the days of Pancho Villa. Scared appears by Americans for your beard or hijab? Talk to any Mexican male with a shaved head about all the valentines police throw their way daily.

Clampdown on immigration? Americans have tried to stop us from going since the days of the Ottoman Empire and now, of course, the fear is your kind jumping the border with our help. Casting Muslim refugees fleeing from terror back home as sleeper agents? Ask Mexicans fleeing from this decades narco-violence how dispiriting that is( or our Central American cousins fleeing Reagan-supported death squads during the 1980 s ).

Fear of federal agents swooping up one of your relatives and never bothering to tell you why? Thats so ingrained in the minds of Mexicans that I recollect a childhood game called La Migra, when individuals would holler A! La migra ! and everyone would scatter. That was video games , nothing else, and that was in the 1980 s.

Best of all is how the actions of a few imbeciles in our respective tribes get hurled back at us as indicative of our collective failure as a minority. Already, Americans are asking yall to police yourselves and stop to defend the bad Muslims, just like Mexican Americans get asked again and again to fight gangs in our neighborhoods or why dont we improve the chaotic situation in Mexico. Funny how Americans never ask themselves the same thing every time some crazy gringo gets an assault rifle and murders innocents.

Its going to get tiresome to defend yourselves, Muslims. So how to deal with being Americas new Mexicans? Embracing it. Revel in the fact that millions of Americans are freaked out at everything that you do. Continue to organize and decry demonization at every step, and only roll your eyes at the umpteenth Fox News expert who couldnt tell a falafel from kibbeh the way he cant tell a sweet tamale from a savory one.

Most importantly, its day we form a Mexican-Muslim confederation. The numbers are there, and the similarities between us are astounding besides how we both frighten Americans.

We both come in a dazzling array of shades. Like Muslims have converts, Mexicans do as well: only look at all the coeds who like to sport sombreros for frat parties, or chefs who take our culinary traditions and get rich off of them. Spanish has thousands of loan words in Arabic gracias to the Moors, from almohada ( pillow) to ojalA !( hopefully, similar to your inshaAllah ) to Donald Trump is Satan( Donald Trump is Satan ).

Theres already more than a few Mexican Muslims, just like Muslims are starting to love Mexican food( Ive had conversations with one of your finest spokesperson, Council on American-Islamic Relations-Los Angeles chapter head Hussam Ayloush, about great tacos in Orange County ). Virgin of Guadalupe? Shes part-Mexican and part-Muslim.

Let the Republican rant after all, theyre going to be the ultimate losers in all this. Like Mexicans, most of the Muslims I know seem natural for that party: fiscally and socially conservative, with a particular affinity for household values. Yet Republican push us to the Democratic side because theyre so obnoxious and clueless and really think we dont belong to this country.

So, let racism unite us. We Mexicans have been waiting for someone else to bear Americas cross of intolerance, and were more than happy to teach you the ropes–and help with the loading. Confederations between Muslim and Chicano students groups have blossomed in recent years, so theres precedent for us to hang out. You brothers and sisters bust out the shawerma( which our al rector is based on ), we cabrones will bring out the goat stew, and lets plot the conquest of America with love, referendums, and a bunch of beautiful brown babies.

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