Watch: Roy aEURoeBig CountryaEUR Nelson Proves You DonaEUR( tm) t Require A 6 Pack And Big Arms To Fight


Take a look at Roy Nelsons adversaries and if you didnt know any better you would place all your fund on them destroying Nelson.

You would also end up losing all of your fund. This guy is a true phenomenon who enters the ring with an enormous belly that rivals most heavy brew drinkers. He then stands across from men who are ten times more muscular and athletic looking, and usually a little bit taller. Yet time and again, Roy sets them on the mat, lights out. On top of that, hes actually a highly skilled BJJ fighter so all his talents dont lie on his knockout ability alone. He can go to the ground and hold his own. And he can take shoots standing up that most men could never suffer. Total durability and a highly destructive striker! Check these unbelievable highlights out!

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