‘Wasn’t it the Russians?’ Dem Party leaders assign blame for Hillary losing Iowa to Trump in 2016


Another presidential election season is bringing with it another batch of Democrats vying for the party’s nomination. However, Dem party leaders are hoping the primary process isn’t a knock down, drag out fight, which is what they’re blaming for Clinton losing Iowa to Trump in 2016:

Feel the Bern:

Party leaders say the Clinton-Sanders divisions ran so deep, it depressed the Democratic general election turnout in Iowa, contributing to Trump’s 10-point romp after Barack Obama twice carried the state.

“To get the reputation that you’re helping serve this up to Trump again — it’s a death wish,” Bagniewski said.

So, no voter suppression or the other thing that’s been in the news so much lately?

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Hillary Clinton also contributed to Trump’s “10-point romp” in Iowa — not to mention Wisconsin and elsewhere.

The well hasn’t even come close to running dry yet.

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