Washington at war: Dems aim for speedy impeachment push as Trump threatens whistleblower


Washington( CNN) Lawyer for a whistleblower who accused Donald Trump of pressuring Ukraine to intervene in the 2020 election advise that the President’s threats pose a grave risk to their client’s safety.

The extraordinary spectacle of the President — the titular head of the US legal system — threatening a potential witness in a case against him risks being seen as an attempt to obstruct the investigation. It also cuts against the principle that whistleblowers deserve anonymity and protection, representing another darknes spin in an administration that has constantly tested the boundaries of political propriety.

On another frenetic day of political exchanges, Democrats sought to engineer a fast start to their impeachment efforts as their chances of political success hinge upon early momentum to keep the White House off balance.

Tapper to Jordan: ‘It’s not gymnastics. It’s the facts.’


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