VOTE: Is Kim Kardashian Lying About The Sex Tape? Or Is Ray J?? – Perez Hilton


We… aren’t really sure what to think here!

All of a sudden, after 15 years, Kim Kardashian West is claiming she was high on ecstasy while filming her famous sex tape with Ray J.

She also implied it was one of the worst things she’d done, despite it kind of putting her on the map. (Yeah, 2003 was a weird time.)

Now Ray J is vehemently denying it, saying his ex was completely sober.


Video: Busy Philipps Isn’t Buying Kim’s Story

We guess the question is, who has more reason to lie here?

Is Kim trying to sweep her past under the carpet, discounting that kind of illicit behavior as the result of intoxication and nothing to with who she really is?

Or is she telling the truth, leaving Ray J trying to scramble to try to save face??

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Who’s telling the truth??

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[Image via Kim Kardashian/Ray J/Instagram.]

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