Usher Just Snapchatted A Picture Of His Penis

If you’ve ever wondered what a day in the life of Usher looks like, then head over to his Snapchat .

You’ll find that he doesn’t mind sharing. On his story at the moment, for example, there’s him feeing dinner and there’s him watching Prince videos in the back of his auto …. There’s a tour of his home, as he demonstrates off pieces of art or decoration that he’s particularly proud of, and then there’s him in the shower.

Yes, with a waterproofed telephone, Usher can snapchat from inside the rain. And he doesn’t hold back…

Spraying his telephone with water- has been proved that yes, it is impressively waterproofed, the Love in This Club vocalist also snapchatted a picture of himself naked.

Seriously, Kim Kardashian has nothing on Usher…

The problem is, while he tried to self-censor with a strategically placed emoji, Usher left a good section of his penis visible .. Check it out 😛 TAGEND


Whether this was an oversight, or an intentional penis slip, we don’t know, but in any case, Usher seems to have taken his penis going viral pretty well..

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