Twitter Are Making Some Pretty Big Changes, And People Aren’t Thrilled About It


The folks at Twitter have decided to introduce an algorithmic timeline, meaning that – from as early as next week – tweets will no longer be showing up in chronological order.

An algorithm will instead organise your timelinein order of “popularity” – so Kanye West’s rants will climb to the top, while tweets from – say – your best mate, regardless of when they were sent, will drop down your feed.

It’s not yet been announced if this is an optional change, or if it’ll be rolled out to all users.

We’re hoping – for Twitter’s sake – that it’s optional, because horrified, a whole lot of people have taken to – yes – Twitter, to express their disgust.

People are still holding out hope, however, that the new algorithmic timeline will not be mandatory:

And some people have found a bright side:

So, what do you think about these changes? Would you rather see what’s most popular at the top of your timeline, or what’s most recent?

Image Credit: Wine and Savages

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