Trump’s Painful Battle With His Speakerphone Is Your New Favorite Meme


President Donald Trump had an all-too-relatable moment on Monday when he battled the phone on his desk. 

“I believe the president is on the phone,” he said, referring to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

But Peña Nieto wasn’t.

“Enrique?” Trump called out to his speakerphone as live TV cameras captured the awkward encounter. He then asked for help, pushed some buttons and waited.

“Hello?” Trump asked again, to no avail. 

After an aide stepped in, the call was connected and the conversation began. But for some viewers at home, it was that inauspicious start that got their attention, and soon enough, it took over social media. Filmmaker Arlen Parsa ‏gave the moment a “Veep” touch: 

The tweet quickly went viral and even won praise from “Veep” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus:

But Parsa wasn’t done yet. He also gave Trump’s call the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” treatment:  

Others joined in with comments, images and mashups of their own: 

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