Trump Only Loves Rich Muslims Who Give Him Money


TheyaEUR( tm) re mostly in the Gulf, and they have a ton of money, and theyaEUR( tm) re sending some of it The DonaldaEUR( tm) s route. But what else are they up to?

Donald Trump clearly has issues with Muslims. The latest example is his pledge to ban all Muslim immigration to the United States, declaring he wants a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our countrys representatives can figure out what is going on. Before that Trump had called for depriving American Muslims of civil liberties simply because of their religion by way of warrantless surveillance of Muslim Americans. And he has even run as far as to indict all Muslims by declaring recently that worldwide the Muslims were absolutely running wild cheering on the 9/11 assaults.

But theres one type of Muslim Trump truly loves: The ones that construct him big bucks. You ensure, if a Muslim can show Trump the money, then all those concerns he has with Muslims go right out the window of his private airplane as he jets off to the Gulf to cash in.

Will some Republican and the media want more details about Trumps Middle East deals and assurance that none of his business partners have made contributions immediately, or indirectly, to terrorist groups ?

For example, Trump loves Hussain Sajwani, head of the Dubai luxury real estate company Damac Properties. Trump has called the Muslim Sajwani a good friend and a great human, among other accolades. And in May 2014, The Donald even flew off to Dubai to spend time with his Muslim friend as they announced the massive real estate project they were teaming up to create in the United Arab Emirates.

And when I say massive project, I mean Trump-style yuge! This 42 million-square-foot developing( the Pentagon is 6 million-square-feet) includes 104 villa and manors that begin at more than$ 1 million U.S. dollars and climb to over $10 million a pop. The developing also boasts the Trump World Golf Club, which Trump has described as a course that will be bigger and better and stronger than any other in the region. Interestingly, Trump has employed almost identical words to describe how the U.S. military will look if hes elected.

As Sajwani explained to the Dubai media, We went to see him[ Trump] and he signed with us. While Sajwani refused to reveal the exact dollar sum Trump was paid, it must be big given that the Trump-named golf course has been dubbed the centerpiece of the project, complete with a luxury spa, restaurants, stores, etc. And just a few months ago, Trump Private Mansions went on sale starting north of$ 1 million each and are being touted as the most recognise address in Dubai, with a opinion overlooking the Trump International Championship golf course.

While no one can find video of thousands and thousands of Muslims cheering on 9/11 in New Jersey as Trump claim passed, theres plenty of video of Trump chilling with his Muslim BFF Sajwani. You can see the two laughing it up at the 2014 press conference in Dubai, riding in Trumps special golf cart and posing for cameras as Trump dedicates a big thumbs up while praising Sajwani and Dubai.

Now while this may not trouble Trump, Sajwani was convicted in 2011 in an Egyptian tribunal for getting an illegal sweetheart deal from an Egyptian government minster to buy government land he wanted to develop. Sajwani, who was tried in absentia, was sentenced to five years in prison, and the government minister who sold him the land was imprisoned for the offences of squandering public funds. Ultimately, however, the criminal sentence was settled in 2013 after a more receptive Egyptian government came to power.

But putting aside the criminal issue of Trumps business partner, there are still questions about the working conditions for the migrant workers constructing these Trump homes. As most know, the working conditions for the migrant construction employees in Dubai can be horrific. Workers have been requited to run 14 -plus-hour days in over 100 degree climate and live in scarcely habitable conditions.

In fact, at the 2014 press conference in Dubai announcing this project, a reporter from Vice asked about this issue phase blank: Mr. Trump, the workers who construct your villas make less than $200 a month. Are you fulfilled ? People in the room reportedly gasped at the issues to. Trump refused to answer, instead remaining stone-faced. The projects publicist then told the reporter, Thats not an appropriate question.

But wealthy people in Dubai arent the only Muslims Trump adores. His company is looking at multiple opportunities in Abu Dhabi, in Qatar, in Saudi Arabia .

Trump teaming up with Saudi Arabia and Qatar is especially surprising given Trumps purported very concerned about Muslim terrorists. After all, 15 of the 19 hijackers who assaulted America on 9/11 and killed nearly 3,000 Americans received from Saudi Arabia. Plus we all know about Saudi Arabias policies of oppression of women, even banning them from driving.

And the government in Qatar has in the past publicly funded the terrorist group Hamas and even let Hamas leader Khaled Meshal to live in the small Gulf country. But when big money is in play, Trump seems to ignore these issues.

I wonder how Trump palling around with Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Qatar will play with the GOP base? Will some Republican and the media want more details about Trumps Middle East deals and assurance that none of his business partners have made contributions immediately, or indirectly, to terrorist groups?( Hamas is not even labeled a terrorist group in Dubai, so his partners could have legally supported the group .) Will they at least want to know if any of Trumps Muslim business partners were cheering after the 9/11 assaults? And does Trumps avowed forbidding on Muslims entering the United States also apply to his wealthy business partners?

Maybe they wont care. Trump is the consummate salesman so perhaps they understand that Trump would say one thing to Muslims hes courting for their money and another to American voters hes courting for their votes. After all, telling potential buyers what they want to hear is just good business.

Regardless of their reaction, the lesson for Muslim Americans is simple. If we want Trump to like us, we simply need to make it worth his while financially. Anyone want to join in me in starting a huge Kickstarter campaign to raise the money we need to get Trump to call us good friends?

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