Trump Ends Iran Deal: We Have Definitive Proof They Lied


President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced that the U.S. will be exiting the Iran deal and said that the U.S. will be” instituting the highest level of economic sanctions” against the country. He referenced intelligence documents that Israel published last week, which showed that Iran sought a covert nuclear-weapons program in the 1990 s, before the 2015 deal was reached.” We have definitive proof that this Iranian promise was a lie ,” he said. Trump claimed the documents” conclusively show[ ed] a history of seeking nuclear weapons. It was a horrible, one-sided deal that should have never ever been built .” He added that” Iran’s bloody aspirations have only grown more brazen .”” It is clear to me that we can not prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb under a decay and rotten structure … America will not be held hostage to nuke blackmail ,” he said.

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