Trump Confidant Roger Stone Reveals New Russian Meeting


Roger Stone, President Trump’s longtime confidant and former adviser, has revealed a previously unreported meeting in which he says a Russian man offered compromising information on Hillary Clinton in exchange for $2 million. The meeting, which was not disclosed to congressional investigators, was arranged by Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo in May 2016 and is now under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, The Washington Post reports. Both Caputo and Stone say they did not report the meeting to investigators because they’d forgotten and only remembered after being shown text messages about it during an interview last month. Stone toldthe Post on Sunday that he’d met with the man, Henry Greenberg, but rejected his offer. “You don’t understand Donald Trump. He doesn’t pay for anything,” Stone recalled telling Greenberg. Both Stone and Caputo now claim the meeting was a set-up by law enforcement officials who were out to get Trump, despite the fact that it occurred around the same time other Russian-linked figures are known to have made overtures to the Trump campaign. Caputo on Sunday released a dossier purporting to show that Greenberg was actually a longtime FBI informant who is in the country illegally.

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