Trevor Noah: Embarrassing That Trump vs. Hillary Is Even a Contest


On night three of the DNC, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah explains why there’s really only one option in 2016.


Now that the Republican National Convention is over and we are more than halfway through the Democratic National Convention, The Daily Shows Trevor Noah decided to take a look at Americas two general election candidates side by side. 

And when he did, he concluded, Its embarrassing that this even a contest. The host predicted that people would say hes not being an objective observer of the election, but added, Any objective person can see that of the two options, one is not an option.

Noah described the election as a choice between two lifeboats. One, weve seen float, its weathered many a storm and yes, its sprung a few leaks, metaphorically speaking. But the other one is made out of cheese doodles, and it has a shark in it, and its on fire, and its underwater, and its name is Donald Trump and somehow its leading in the polls! 

Trump did appear to get a decent post-convention bump in some national polls and has pulled equal with Clinton on the favorability scale, but we have yet to see the effect of the DNC on individual state polling. 

To further his point, Noah presented the words that the respective candidates friends and loved ones have used in attempts to humanize them at each convention. While Donald Trump Jr. described his father as a first-class man who loves real estate, Bill Clinton praised his wife for opening the first legal aid clinic in northwest Arkansas. While Hillary Clinton brokered a ceasefire in the Middle East, Donald Trump turned a landfill into a golf course. 

And while Clinton helped 9/11 first responders, Trump opened his very own winery. Now ask yourself, Noah said gravely, where would we be without the largest winery in Virginia?

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