Trailer For New Show ‘Westworld’ Proves It Will Be Sexual And Violent Like GOT


Let’s be real with each other here, the Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms are starting to kick in and none of the other TV shows we’ve started watching to fill that GoT shaped holeare doing their job.

But fear not, HBO know what the people need and their new series ‘Westworld’ is set to take the world by storm. Produced by the one and only J.J. Abrams, she show has allegedly already been confirmed for 5 seasons, and is a predicted to be the next Game of Thrones, but with a very different plot.

Game of Thrones got you to love dragons, but the question is, can you learn to love robots?

The first series of Westworld is about a western themed theme park filled with ‘robots’/artificial intelligence to entertain the patrons. StarringAnthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton and James Marsden – the newest trailer is aboutDolores (Evan Rachel Wood), a Old West ranchers daughter who begins to realize that shes actually a robotic host designed for the entertainmentof wealthy park visitors.

This new trailer gets pretty raunchy, dramatic and all-round thrilling. I’m definitely converted.

Check it out here (warning: this trailer is intended for ‘mature’ audiences and contains adult themes):

Westworld is set to air in October 2016.

Will you be watching the show? Let us know in the comments.

Lead image: HBO

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