Touching A Stranger’s Hand On An Escalator And Flirting Is Hilariously Awkward


You know when you’re on the train and you see someone who’s just so utterly beautiful that you can’t stop staring at them?

You think of every possible way there would be to start up a conversation, you hold yourself differently so you look cooler and more approachable and you imagine your whole lives together; where you’ll go on your first holiday, what you’ll name the kids, what song you’ll dance to on your wedding day..?

No… no me neither. I’mdefinitelynot some kind of pathetic lonely loser. DEFINITELY.

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But, hypothetically, if you did do that, how would you react if they touched you suggestively and then started making advances at you as they slowly walked away? I’d probably cry. These people, on the other hand, their reactions are priceless… (FYI, the music gets a little testing)

That man with the wedding ring, though. What a guy.

I mean, how quickly can you run up an escalator going to opposite direction with people in the way while still keeping your cool? For either of them, really. I just want to be held.

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