Throwback To When Prince Kicked Kim Kardashian Off His Stage

If someone gave me a stage and let me perform whatever I wanted on it, I’d initially take some convincing to do anything at all. If then, I was persuaded and then asked “Hey Alfie, of all the people in the world, who do you least want on your stage? ” The answer’s obvious isn’t it ?

Basically, stages are for the talented. People who deserve to be in the public eye because they’ve demonstrated their worth and credibility towards our glorious species.

Long story short, every stage in the world is out of bounds for Kim Kardashian. But she didn’t get the memo and she had the sheer audacity to stray onto the stage of the late genius, Prince. By the lookings of things, he wrote the memo … he wasn’t having any of it.


R.I.P Prince, you bloody legend, you .

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