Three scariest words: President Donald Trump


(CNN)“I’m glad my parents are already dead and buried so they don’t have to hear what Trump is saying,” said Juan, a caller to my SiriusXM radio show, on Saturday. “They would be in a state of depression.

“Trump’s words scare me for my children and my grandchildren,” he added.


    What does it say about a presidential candidate that he would defend his supporters assaulting a person simply for interrupting him?

    Such incidents raise the specter of a country whose civil liberties would be under siege under a Trump presidency. After all, Trump has refused to rule out warrantless surveillance of Muslim Americans simply because of their religion. Trump is effectively telling us that he would like to suspend the U.S. Constitution in support of his agenda.

    It is also important to remember that this is not just about the rights of American Muslims. What about the civil liberties of Latino Americans when he sends out his “deportation force” to round up the 11 million undocumented immigrants, as he has vowed? Or gay Americans, after Trump told Fox News on Sunday that he would “strongly consider” appointing Supreme Court justices to overturn marriage equality?

    Waiting for the day the court overturns the decision to legalize gay marriage, would Trump sit idly by, or would he use the powers of his office to make life more difficult for gay couples?

    Of course, there are some who will tell you that Trump is just playing a political game, that he doesn’t really mean what he is saying and that he will be less extreme if elected president. But isn’t that a big risk to take? Wouldn’t it be safer to assume that Trump actually means what he’s saying and that his actions as a candidate are indicative of what he would do if he won the White House?

    If you think that the American presidency is too important a job to take a chance that a candidate doesn’t actually mean anything he says, then it is difficult to think of three more frightening words than these: President Donald Trump.

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