This Woman’s Impressive ‘Bum-Clapping’ Ability Is The Reason We Love Take Me Out


Whether it be a condom-through-the-nose, an unlikely splits or the ability to open a bottle with your teeth, everyone loves a good party trick.

We just hadn’t heard of this one before…

Milly – one of Paddy McGuinness’ fresh ‘Flirty Thirty’s’ on ITV’s dating show Take Me Out – decided to flaunt her particular ‘party trick’ – the bum clap – as part of Saturday night’s show. Explaining her talent to the host, she said,“When I shake my bum it actually claps” before adding “My mum will be mortified.”

Poor mum, because Milly went ahead and did it anyway, and it was actually pretty impressive:

Cue obvious chlamydia jokes on Twitter…

And this guy, who clearly works in recruitment:

What’ll happen next week? Boob-winking? Only time will tell…

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