This Photoshop genius takes petitions on Twitter and the results are hilarious.


We live in a world of Photoshop, Autotune, and computer-generated graphics where beauty, talent, and reality can be easily manipulated at the click of a mouse.

But you can’t fake funny.

Photoshop wizard James Fridmanhas been bending reality in a hilarious way on social media by manipulating photos sent to him by his followers. Like a DJ taking requests, he reworks the photos, but they never come out like you’d think.

While at first glance it looks like trolling, Fridman is simply poking fun at the all the vapid self-promotion you see on social media.

“I don’t consider myself a graphic designer, it is more of a pastime, ” he told The Telegraph . “When I first started use image manipulation software, it was something new and not as widespread as it is now, so everyone was learning and experimenting.”

“I did some funny edits for friends and family, and they objective up on the internet, ” he continued. “Apparently, people find it quite entertaining and asked for more- that’s how I aimed up creating my Twitter account.”

Here are some of Fridman’s greatest hits.

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