This One Tweet Shows What’s Really Wrong With That Guy’s Post About His Curvy Wife


On July 30, 2017, a man named Robbie Tripp posted a picture of himself and his curvy wife, Sarah, lovingly looking at each other on the beach. The post came with a super long caption about how he loves her and her figure, despite the fact that other men might call her chubby. It’s safe to assume Tripp’spoint was to be inspirational and positive, but as you can imagine, it missed the mark. Big time.

If you’re unfamiliar with the original post, check it out for yourself here:

Robbie Tripp’s post about his curvy wifeis now, as you can imagine, facing a ton of backlash on the internet, and there’s one tweet by Twitter user @soulthot that perfectly showcases where the post, and its subsequent response, fell short.

Why is adude being into curvy women even huge, Earth-shattering news in the first place?

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