This Nigerien remake of ‘Purple Rain’ is cinematic magic


Every now and again we have a re-imagining of a popular movie which is created in another country. Usually the results are as expected – a low budget version with not the greatest acting and action. But now and then a gem does come along that perhaps even gives the original a run for its money! Case in point is the re-imagining of Purple Rain the epic movie starring the late and great Prince.

Heres the description of the West African film by director Christopher Kirkley:

A revolutionary story of guitars, motorcycles, cell phones and the music of a new generation.

The film is set in the Saharan city of Agadez in Niger and is called Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai, or Akounak for short. Visually it totally works and musically it actually thrills! Its a great film on its own, but having the Purple Rain angle gives it a certain charm.

It hoicks up the classic gunslinger flick, but musician Mdou Moctar travels through the desert with a guitar, rather than a gun, and rides a motorcycle, rather than a horse. Of course its a purple steel horse! In this story its musical battles that take the place of gun battles.

The music is wild and psychedelic. Self-taught Moctar zones out the viewer with his magical and rhythmic riffs. The title of the film actually translates to Rain the Color of Blue With a Little Red in It. But they have released the film with the shortened title of Akounak. Whats incredibly unique about this film is that it is the first fiction-based movie which was shot in the Tuareg language.

The film is quite an accomplishment on multiple levels. Musically, visually, and the way it sets a mood which feels very much real, while still creating a very artistic piece which pulls the viewer in and holds them tight throughout.

The huge accomplishment is being able to pull off a Purple Rain inspired film and actually making it uniquely your own, as well as creating a real piece of artistic cinema!

Sahel Sounds has information on the film and where it is touring in Europe, as well as options for purchasing the soundtrack and other West African music.

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