This Netflix Secret Code Trick Gives You Hundreds Of Hidden Gems To Watch


The release of the 2nd series of Narcos is still almost two months away. How the hell are we supposed to fill that time? Easy, beat the system and get access to hundreds of extra films and TV shows.

The way the most of us search Netflix means that we’re seeing the same films over and over again, and in the process missing out on tonnes of hidden gems that we could be feasting our eyes upon.

Fear not, there is a wonderfully simple way of opening up the site to reveal every last thing that is on there. Basically it comes down to the unique codes on the URL when you perform a search. A tech site has revealed that you can manually change the URL, and thus in the process open up 76,000 micro-genres.

If you go onto this website here, and then pick a genre, you will be taken to a screen like this, and have access to awhole different way of searching.

We all know what this really means – we’ll be spending even more time browsing and less time actually watching.

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