This Mashup Of People On Fox News Advising Trump On TV Is Alarming


A mashup video made by Media Matters puts a spotlight on the hosts and guests on Fox News who advise President Donald Trump directly through the network.

The clip features people advising Trump to do things like ignore The New York Times, call Attorney General Jeff Sessions and not talk to special counsel Robert Mueller.

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano seemingly makes the most appearances within the 2:37-minute clip, imploring Trump to do this and that. Napolitano was reportedly embroiled in controversy just last year for making entirely baseless claims about former President Barack Obama, saying that Obama asked British intelligence officials in 2016 to spy on Trump.

If you follow Trump on Twitter, then you know his affinity for tweeting about Fox News. He frequently responds to various things said about him on the network. 

While it is true that Fox News is the most-watched cable news network, Trump’s Twitter following, a whopping 50 million people, far surpasses that of Fox News watchers, a problematic fact that raises red flags for many.

Particularly, it has caused concern among some White House aides. Many have been “convinced that Trump puts more stock in what he sees on TV than in his own aides’ advice,” so they “regularly phone prominent commentators and news hosts to provide talking points on everything from tax policy to Syria in hopes of influencing Trump,” according to a report by The Associated Press.

This would mean that the advising you see and hear in the above video ― well, the call might be coming from inside the house.

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