This lady is tired every day, irrespective of how much she sleeps. The reason is stuck in her throat.


The very small, butterfly like shaped organ in the front of the throat, is the thyroid. While small, it has effects to the rest of the body which are big. An overactive thyroid can render too much hormones, while a hypo-functioning thyroid can render too little.

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1. Feeling sad or depressed.
An extreme emotional state can be caused by the thyroid. Too few thyroid hormones can result in sadness and depression.

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2. Constipation.
Slower digestion, resulting in constipation is a sign of a thyroid problem.

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3. Too much sleep.
Its difficult for everyone getting up and going in the mornings, but if it is especially difficult and you find yourself permanently tired it could mean too few thyroid hormones are being produced.

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4. Hairloss and dry skin.
Dry and itchy scalp may be from Hypo-thyroidism. The slow metabolism reduces sweating and consequences hair and fingernails. Hair loss may be experienced.

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5. Sudden weight gain.
An under performing thyroid may be the cause of sudden weight gain. This may especially be the case if the weight you gain seems to be from no other cause and comes on instead abruptly.

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6. No interest in sex.
If one has no interest in sexuality, it could be a sign of low thyroid hormones.

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7. Muscle aches or tension.
Another sign that the thyroid may be under operate, especially when the ache cant be explained from typical stress or overuse injuries.

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8. Heart palpitations.
If experiencing heart palpitations, and it cant be explained from any other cause, then this could be a sign that the thyroid is to blame.

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9. Dizziness.
While memory loss, concentration and dizzy spells may be a sign of aging, it may also represent a thyroid problem especially for those who are not older.

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10. High blood pressure.
If blood pressure doesnt get down to normal levels through exercising and diet, and it remains high, the thyroid might be to blame. An under-performing thyroid can be responsible for high cholesterol levels which can cause an enlarged heart or cardiac arrest.

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11. Increased craving or change in taste sensation.

If things abruptly taste different and if your craving abruptly increases, it could be a sign of an under-active thyroid. But if you have an over-active thyroid, you could experience an increased appetite but no weight gain will occur. This could be a dangerous sign.

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12. Neck or throat pain.
If there are no cold or typical sore throat symptoms, then it might be the thyroid itself. Voice change and swelling are also signs that it might be the thyroid.

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Heres a style to determine if there is a physical change in your thyroid. Look in the mirror and focus your eye on where the thyroid is( right under the adams apple and above the collar bone ). Have a sip of water and observe this area as you swallow. Watch to see if a large lump appears. Not the adams apple, but a different bump. Try it repeatedly to see if you notice anything and consult a doctor if so.

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