This Is How The Full Moon In Libra Will Change Your Energy, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The Full Moon in Libra on April 19 th, is the energy we need for this season. Personally, I favor having more Cardinal energy than mutable and with Saturn causing some chaos with Pluto in Capricorn, I feel I can take on the challenges with the Sun in Aries( for a few more days) and the Moon entering Libra. These sister signs will give you the energy and drive needed to get things done but with much tact. Know who you are, establish your bounds and learn to take on those challenges fearlessly. You will feel regal, in command and ready to swoon the world with your diplomacy, like a Libra.

Aries: This Full Moon allows for you to take things down a notch. Traveling options will continue for you. The hyper energy will subside as you consider how your actions may be impacting your personal relationships. Quit being selfish and start thinking of others. This entails apologizing when it is required to and not taking those who put up with you for granted.

Taurus: You will benefit from this Full Moon because you will be taking charge and get shit done. Relax, do not let your doubts take over your head. Plan everything and do not stop even when you feel like the world has turned against you. With patience and the help of others you can easily succeed.

Gemini: With the Libra Moon giving you some mental energy that feels stimulating, you will learn to appreciate your creative side. Learn to have fun with your craft, connect with others to inspire you and make it your goal to continue being appreciative of where you are now. Libra energy brings a soothe as are necessary for nervous energy.

Cancer: When the Full moon lights up your home, you will feel compelled to make changes or have desires to move away. Here it is advised to get your aesthetic passions in order as well as smoothing the emotional turmoil that you may be experiencing between family members. Promote the peace, mentally and spiritually at home.

Leo : Expect to do some quick traveling or to just feel more academic this time around. You may feel the need to go far away with the push of friends and colleagues. Your inspiration could easily stem from a social cause and you will feel that furthering your education will assist you in getting to that goal. Trust yourself and keep at it.

Virgo: Work will be a major priority during this period and the energy of this Full moon will enlighten you to either change careers or work harder to climb the social ladders at your current job. Expect a boost of income and an appreciation of the Luxe life, since Libra is all about that. Take it easy and enjoy the energy.

Libra: With the Moon in your sign, “youre feeling” rejuvenated and a bit like an Aries this time around. You’re not afraid to speak your intellect and you feel more adventurous. Plan that trip-up you’ve wanted to take for some time because things are looking favorable for you now. This is your time to be more selfish and to think about your needs.

Scorpio: You might feel more psychic this time around but your stresses or successes at work will be exaggerated this Full Moon. Take a transgres if you need it because you will need it. Financially, you might get some insights to get more fund. Overall, this is good energy for you because it will soothe the storms in your mind.

Sagittarius: This Full moon you will want to party and connect with others. You are easily stimulating friends and connecting with Aries kinds, you feel a boost in energy and confidence that you have not felt in years. Jupiter is glistening on you, this speaks to a great time for these natives.

Capricorn : Work becomes more important to you as you reflect on your next steps as well as where the hell you want to be in your career. You play hard and are not afraid to give it your all. The only drawback will be to soothe some of the tension in your home sector. Learn to bring balance into your life as the Sun and Moon are in critical points. Aquarius : What makes you fascinating to people( aside from your apparel choices) is the way that your intellect runs. The energy of the Full Moon will give you the oomph. Put your talents to good use, trust your intuition and take the leap are necessary in your education( go for that Masters ), professional( aim for the promotion) or creative( finish writing that volume ), wield your power now. Pisces : You might appreciate the Full moon in Libra since it will bring a peaceful energy to you spiritually like Scorpios. This can mean solutions to problems that have been bothering you. With the polarizing energy of the Sun and Moon, you will feel the culmination of issues relating to the financial and material. The weight will lift from your shoulders as you get ready for the next chapter in your life.


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