This Guy Calmly Eating Pizza During A Huge Restaurant Fight Is Everyone’s Hero


Autumn Collins was in a restaurant when a fight broke out. That’s a good stoy in itself but, trust me, it gets better.

As word has it, the fight went down in apizza place in Morgantown, West Virginia. No one really knows why – aren’t mass brawls usually exclusive to bars and pubs?

But anyway, as Autumn watch the chaos unfold, she noticed something that was more eye-catching than flying limbs and shouting – a man eating pizza.

And it wasn’t like this man was in like a corner booth trying to stay away from the trouble, he was for some reason sitting on the floor with his legs outstretched munching on some pizza.

He doesn’t even flinch. Just sits there as people walk into and over him. PEOPLE AREN’T EVEN CERTAIN IF IT’S HIS PIZZA OR NOT!

And the people of the internet are absolutely loving it…

Autumn is now on the hunt for the man. Not really sure why… maybe it was her pizza. Or maybe she wants to marry him. Who knows? (She does)

What do you think? Would you stay this calm? Let us know in the comments!

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