This Girl Got Sassy Defending Her Girlfriend On Twitter And People Loved It


The thing that a lot of us forget when it comes to the internet is that those memes with real human faces on, do actually include the face of a real human somewhere – and that person definitely has feelings.

Like, that picture you shared of a woman dressed a bit like an ice lolly? She’s probably someones aunt who bakes great cakes and is much loved and undeserving of being ridiculed on the internet for resembling a Fab. You go, Linda*!

Well, this has been proved after someone tweeted pictures of a girl – and, well, she saw them. That’s the beauty of the internet these days, it has both the power of anonymity while simultaneously also making it possible to find pretty much anyone.

Twitter user @MattyLohmann tweeted about the confusing nature of makeup:

Needless to say, people weren’t impressed:

But then, plot twist, the girl herself showed up, after her friends began tagging her in the tweet. Elizabeth Isreal responded, saying:

Matty was quick to assure Elizabeth he wasn’t trying to shame her:

And that’s when Elizabeth’s girlfriend stepped in:

Predictably, the people loved this response and it has been retweeted over 23,000 times, and is still being retweeted and shared around other social networking sites days after it actually happened.

But, that’s not the end. Matty didn’t know when to stay quiet, as he first responded with:

And then a few hours later when the joke popped into his head, he responded again:


*Names made up but still pretty sure her name is Linda.

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