This Caring Husband Planted Thousands Of Flowers For The Sweetest Reason


Imagine waking up one day and realizing that the only thing you can see is darkness. How do you learn to experience the world around you when a devastating complication takes away the sense upon which you’ve relied for a lifetime? This is the sad reality that one woman in Japan faced after a complication from diabetes robbed her of her eyesight.

Mrs. Kuroki fell into a deep depression as she tried to come to terms with her blindness. Her husband was heartbroken, and he thought endlessly about how he could make life easier for the most important person in his life. That’s when a stunning idea bloomed.

Inspired by the fact that human senses adjust and compensate when one is lost, Mr. Kuroki planted thousands of flowers on their property so that his wife could enjoy the outdoors in an entirely new way.

The two bought the land after they got married in 1956, and for many years, it served as a dairy farm. The sprawling property now has a new lease on life.

Instead of seeing the stunning fuchsia petals, Mrs. Kuroki follows her nose. The gorgeous perfume that floats across each acre has helped her rediscover the place she’s always called home.

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The pair has decided to open their garden to visitors, and people come out in droves every spring when the flowers bloom. Couples are particularly attracted to the space, which speaks volumes about the atmosphere that this caring husband has created for the woman he loves most.

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki walk through their garden each and every day.

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It took him many years to plant these flowers, but something tells me that Mr. Kuroki doesn’t regret a single second of that time. As of now, Mrs. Kuroki is feeling much better. Her story is a testament to the fact that from immense hardship, something beautiful can grow.

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