This newborn hurls adorable tantrums every time a book objective. He should be a role model for us all.


Have you ever been moved to tears by the end of a volume?

This lil’ guy sure has. He’s been making the rounds on the Internet lately because every time his mommy finishes reading him a volume, he’s devastated. He perfectly falls apart. I mean every. single. day .

All GIFs via leesedanielle.

It doesn’t matter what volume it is.

In this particular instance, his books of option are ” I Am a Bunny” and “Goodnight Moon, ” both of which are, of course, famously renowned for their abject horror and existential angst. Your personal literary mileage may vary.

It doesn’t even matter HOW the book objective just that it DOES aim.

But only because a volume is over doesn’t mean it has to end.

Just like it says on his T-shirt: The snuggle is real.

He’s not just adorable; this Bookworm Baby is also wise beyond his years. As soon as he hears those fateful words, “the end, ” he’s eager to find the next volume. It’s like he already knows on some primal level that read has been scientifically proven to have long-term benefits for all of us physically, mentally, and emotionally .

Here are four good reasons you should read more books:

( Paired with more adorable GIFs of this newborn flipping out about his volume ending to remind you that finishing them is often the best and worst part of reading .)

1. Reading stimulates your brain work better .

The act of interpreting and seeing letters and shapes to form an idea or an image in your intellect really is the equivalent of mental exercising. And like maintaining your body in shape, it pays off in the long run. Frequent reading not only improves your short- and long-term memory, but it also helps your brain fight the effects of aging, which in turn can prevent Alzheimer’s or dementia .

2. What’s good for the soul is good for the body which is why reading affects your physical health, too .

Reading ratings well above TV-watching for relaxation, especially if you’re read in publish. Examines show that only six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by up to 68%. Your stress levels will go down even more if you read before bed instead of staring at a screen. And while lower stress is good for you in and of itself, there’s also the added bonus that it helps you maintain a healthy blood pressure. All because of books!

3. Book consumption even helps you get ahead in life .

The more you interact with printed words, the more likely “youre gonna have to” increase your vocabulary, strengthen neural connectivity, and generally improve your comprehension skills which in turn can help you get ahead in your career. This is especially true for children like our Bookworm Baby, as numerous analyses have shown that early reading skills correlate with higher intelligence later in life.

4. Reading stimulates you a better( and sexier) person .

Simply put, books contribute to a greater quality of life by boosting creativity and encouraging people to be more culturally engaged. Even if you’re someone who’s not into that snooty intellectual stuff, reading can still dramatically increase your capacity for empathy and aid in the overall therapeutic process of life two factors that will perfectly, positively induce you a better and happier person. Plus( and I say this with all personal bias aside) it’s been proven to induce you objectively more attractive, which is a nice little bonus that I think we all could benefit from.

So who cares if this newborn even knows what’s happening in his books? He clearly understands the power of a good story.

And every time that one volume aims, he’s already reaching for the next one. I think we could all bear to be only a little more like this newborn, adorably pun-y T-shirts and all.

Here’s the full video of the Bookworm Baby Breakdown :

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