This 9-Yr-Old Bible Quizzing Champ Is Mowing His Way to NationalsLets Help Him Get There!


Schools out for the summer, and for most little boys his age, that means running around outside, playing sports and naturally finding ways to muddy themselves up.

But for 9-year-old Jacob Bautista, this summer is all about studying the Bible, and mowing as many lawns as possible.

Thats because Jacob is one of the top Bible quizzers in the state of North Carolina. This past year, he and his team have taken 1st place in every quiz event theyve competed in, sending them to the finals on June 3rd.

Being the smart cookie that he is, Jacob and his team anticipate 1st or 2nd place in June, which would qualify them for Nationals in St. Louis, Missouri.

Of course, travel and lodging for such an event will cost a lot of money. And even at nine years old, Jacob knows his family doesnt have the cash to make the trip happen.

So, in between studying the sections of the Bible his team will be quizzed on, Jacob has taken matters into his own hands, raising money by mowing lawnsas many as possible.

Yall, that lawn mower is practically the size of him!

Impressed with his go-getter attitude, Jacobs mom also set up a GoFundMe for those who feel led to help him get to the competition in Missouri.

All the praise for this little boy whos got a heart for Jesus and the drive to work for what he wants.

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