They thought they were going to the shelter. They walked into a five-star restaurant. Gasp!


Most homeless people only caught one bad break too many.

They’re not bad people. They’re not irresponsible. They’re only unlucky.

And as a result of their bad luck, the rest of us treat them like animals. Like not having a home builds you less of a human.

They also end up eating a lot of soup.

Hey, it’s calories, right?

But what if some homeless people could have a fine dining experience? The music, the white tablecloths, the candles?

Prank It Forward decided to find out. They brought in a decorator to transform the space.

A professional cook and a squad of volunteers prepared the most stereotypically “fancy” meal they could think of: filet mignon.

The guests couldn’t believe their eyes. They were astounded that all of this was for them .

But more than the food, the string quartet, the decor … the thing they commented on over and over was how amazing it felt to be treated with respect .

How hard is it to offer another person some dignity?

According to this video … not that hard. Kind of fun, actually.

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