These People Had a REALLY Bad Year In 2015



Belle Gibson

The 24-year-old Australian blogger and entrepreneur behind The Whole Pantry app claimed that a healthy diet and alternative medicine had cured her metastatic cancer. That would have been amazing if she had ever actually had cancer…which she didnt. She also repeatedly said that a portion of the sales from her ventures went to charity, which turned out to be her bank account. Needless to say, shes lost most of her fans, her business, and a ton of money.


Chuck Johnson

The provocative 26-year-old blogger behind tweeted a link to a fundraiser to take out Deray McKesson, the prominent Black Lives Matter activist. Johnson was suspended from Twitter, and was briefly downed by hackers. This troll had previously incorrectly claimed that Newark mayor Cory Booker (now a senator) didnt live in Newark, and blamed homosexuality for the 2015 Amtrak derailment, among other things. Hes a gem, and is being sued on various accounts.

These Are the Most Ridiculously Awesome Amazon Reviews Ever

We all know that Amazon is a great place to get everything from clothes and books to food and a bunch of ridiculous products you didnt need but bought because you had to spend $3 more to qualify for free shipping.

One of the ways to decide which items to buy is to read the reviews and trust a bunch of Internet strangers to guide you in the right purchasing direction. Its iffy on a good day, but sometimes you come across certain gems that simply just make your day

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