These Men Stimulated A Real Life Little Tykes Car And ItaEUR( tm) s Amazing


Remember when you were little and you’d move yourself about in your little orange automobile and move the steering wheel erratically and in directions altogether uncorrelated to where you were going, maybe adding in a few “brums”? So do we .

Well, Brothers John and Geof Bitmead loved those memories so much that they constructed an adult-sized transcript of a Little Tikes toy car that takes petrol, has a taxation disc, and can reach up to 70 mph!

It started life as aDaewoo Matiz and, although it’s now an eye-catcher, itcost about 30,000 to build and failed to bring in the cash like they’d hoped. Geof said 😛 TAGEND

“We were hoping it would be out on a regular basis, generate some revenue and recoup the money used to build it, ”

“But in real life it objective up going out four or 5 times in two years. So we thought we might as well sell it and if anyone’s interested in buying it that will bring back some fund for us.”

When speaking about how others reacted to the car, he said 😛 TAGEND

“They’re astonished to see the real thing on the road. I’ve insured people with tattoos all up their arms walking along the road just cheering at us.

“There was that kind of response to it. Everybody recognised it. It’s part of our life. We ensure these things in people’s front gardens, and now you can see it on the road.”

It has gone on sale for2 1,500… hmmmm?

We think it looks great, just maybe a little drafty. And their wacky notions aren’t stopping there. They have hopes to build an Adams Family style camper van( which is perhaps too retro ).

Good luck to them, we say, and we hope they manage to find a way to actually make a bit of cash out of it.

Tell us what you think in specific comments! Would you buy one ?

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